Frogtown Arts

Everyone is an artist in Frogtown: LOW COST Art Lessons Ages 7-18 

 Elysian Valley Arts Collective Fall Classes 2017
All classes were held at Gallery Frogtown 2808 Newell Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039

The EVAC is offering a low cost series of four week studio art classes. Instructors are working artists.  Each class will meet 4 times for 1-2 hours each class.  Most classes accommodate 6-10 students.  Tools and materials are provided by the instructors, local artists and businesses unless otherwise specified.

Mixed Media Artful Journaling

 Teacher: Melanie Baird
Number of Students: 6
Age Level: 8-12 years old

Each week presents a different art technique as it relates to personal journaling along with a new journaling prompt.  This is not your ordinary journaling class, where you receive a prompt and then everyone writes in a journal. This is a fully featured mixed media (paint, stickers, glue, water, newspaper, washi tape, gesso, etc) course.


Beginning Sewing Class: Holiday Apron & Pot Holder

 Teacher: Patricia Perez
Number of Students: 6-8
Age Level: 10 years and older

Learn step by step to sew by hand and machine to create the design you want.
Bring your portable sewing (any supplies) machine to class 

 Free studio supplies: fabric, thread, scissors, measuring, tape, pattern paper, pins, etc. 

Week 1) Demo hand sewing & machine basics

Week 2) cut pattern, press & pinning, basting & sewing.

Week 3)completing pot holder, begin sewing apron.

Week 4) completing apron & pot holder.


Sewing Class: Create your own Design

Teacher: Kiara Yamboa
Number of students: 6-8
Age Level: 10 years and older

Week 1) From your idea to designing, patterning making or alterations, 

Week 2) cutting pressing and pinning

Week 3) Building, joining seems and Pressing 

Week 4) finishing touches and photo



Teacher: Kathleen Klein-Wakefield
Number of students - 8 maximum
Age Level - 7-18 years old

There is much to love about ceramic clay and the fiery science that makes it possible to turn earth into shaped pieces that can be used as either functional or sculptural works. Applied textures and colors can turn these items into things of beauty.We explore the history of ceramic clay and use all our senses to bring these pieces to life as well as allowing the students to express their individuality of the maker.

Using slab, pinch and coil techniques the students can make small seasonal ghost lanterns, pots, plates ghoulish creatures.

week 1 - begin making simple shapes, coil constructed seated figures, small plates, pots

week 2 - add details, attaching pieces, carving, etc. to make seasonal items; ghost lanterns, spooky creatures, whatever they can imagine.

week 3 - paint

week 4 - collect finished pieces and using paper and colored pencils create and put in an imaginative setting or container made just for their artwork. Some students may want to  make a landscape or accessories specific to their creations.

Please stress to the potential students that these classes require a commitment to attend all 4 weeks, otherwise there is no guarantee that the students will complete and take home a finished project.


Furniture Building Class – Make your own Night Stand 

Teacher: Karine Scott
Number of students:  6 max
Age Level: 7-10 years old

Project Description:  Make your very own night stand!  Sand and paint your very own prefab night stand and then personalize it with a design using your custom mixed colors. 

Week One:    Sand and paint two pieces. 

Week Two:    Sand and paint two more pieces.  Sand tiny piece, too! 

Week Three: Independent surface design on the support pieces and paint small 

backing.  Students will be painting an expressive surface design using their custom mixed color palette.   

Week Four:   Assemble and take home!

Attendance to all four weeks of classes is imperative as the class pace is fast and there is no make up or finish-at-home opportunities.  

Students go home with a custom made piece of furniture!


Photos from Frogtown Arts October 2015 classes