The Elysian Valley Arts Collective is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation that operates in the Elysian Valley (aka Frogtown) neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

The organization funds and manages the biennial Frogtown Artwalk, partners with local schools to bring working artists into the classroom, and offers art classes to local youth.

The organization has also commissioned four documentary films about the history of the neighborhood and about the Frogtown Artwalk.

The EVAC was created to cultivate a sense of place and support a local, creative community along the rapidly, revitalizing Los Angeles River.  By supporting local artists, providing arts education to youth, and commissioning projects, the organization has strengthened a neighborhood in transition.  The Frogtown Artwalk is now formally organized by an Artwalk Organizing Committee and the logistical costs are borne by the EVAC.

"Your years of service towards creating a sense of community and place along the Los Angeles River will have a positive impact for the generations to come."

Assembly member, Jimmy Gomez in 2016

"Thank you for your commitment to support the diverse community of artists and artisans in Elysian Valley.  Your support of the arts helps to make Los Angeles a wonderful place to live and work."

Council member, Mitch O'Farrell in 2016

"The Elysian Valley Arts Collective is the foundation for a more complex non-profit that can bring the agenda of arts and arts education to a much wider audience, both in the E.V. community, but also with outreach beyond the confines of 'Frogtown' "

​Board Member, David Dedlow in 2019

President: Tracy Stone
Vice President: Patricia Perez
Treasurer: Allen Anderson
Secretary: Edwina Dedlow

Board of Directors:
David Dedlow
Helen Leung
Damian Robledo
Mia Doi Todd