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Discover the work of local artists inside Frogtown, Los Angeles and beyond! Learn more about each artists unique story and work below

Jim Kisiel

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My interest in nature and landscape photography dates back to my late teens when he used his father’s old Petri SLR during family vacations. I moved to Los Angeles in 1988 where my passion for photography blossomed, spurred by explorations of the unique landscapes of California. By day, I am a Professor of Science Education at California State University, Long Beach. I’ve been in the LA region for most of my life and I currently live here in Frogtown, where I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of urban and nature. Much of my work reflects the unique landscapes and scenes of California, although images from past trips to Hawaii and Southeast Asia have made their way into my portfolio. The LA River has been particularly important in my recent efforts.

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