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Discover the work of local artists inside Frogtown, Los Angeles and beyond! Learn more about each artists unique story and work below

John Vincent Falchi

Email the Artist directly to purchase any of the work you see here.

Since moving to Frogtown in 2015 I’ve been inspired by the amazing community of artists who draw inspiration from this beautiful neighborhood.

Recently, I’ve been drawing from my graphic art and editing background to create mixed media narratives that combine illustration, text, and photos or frame grabs pulled from video.

A new interest in Jung’s writing on the subconscious shows up in some of my recent body of abstract images. For those I experiment with a variety of materials: paint, colored pencil, crayon, paper, fabric, and found objects on canvas, wood panel, or paper. In this work, I use texture, form, and color to depict an unmasking of the desires, fears, and pain we all grapple with.

I desire to entertain, inspire curiosity, and playfully amuse an audience.

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