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Discover the work of local artists inside Frogtown, Los Angeles and beyond! Learn more about each artists unique story and work below

Sylvia Brallier

Email the Artist directly to purchase any of the work you see here.

My art beginning was in botanical illustration where precision is key. But now I’ve gone wild. I choose my color palette. Then I apply liquid paint, pouring color & pattern over the canvas. I stretch it out over the canvas to see what happens! Amazingly, it’s like a Rorschach test. I interpret the images that I see & flush them out with brush work. Liquid paint adds an element of surprise (l never know how it will turn out!) I then add the psychological content of the Rorschach test. I complete it with loose or exacting precision for interpretation. Best. Game. Ever. I’m intensely prolific. I have hundreds of paintings ready for sale. I love commissions too. I would love to have me art enliven your space. Please contact me. Looking forward to talking to you already!

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