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OCTOBER 16-18, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the biennial Frogtown Artwalk has gone virtual with "The Art of Frogtown." Join us for a 3-day online event featuring exhibits, workshops, music, artist talks, kid's activities and more!

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Preview the Virtual Artwalk..

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Become an Artist Member

Are you an artist interested in joining our community or participating in the virtual artwalk? Learn more about member benefits to become an EVAC Artist Member and start your Artist Profile.

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Artist Profiles

Discover the work of local artist's inside Frogtown, Los Angeles and beyond! Learn more about each artist by checking out their artist profile. This is a new feature being updated, so stay tuned for more.

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Sponsor the Artwalk

Is your organization interested in sponsoring the virtual artwalk? Learn more about sponsorships make the artwalk a reality and support educational activities throughout the year.

Frogtown Artwalk Sept. 22, 2018 -4769 sm



The Frogtown Artwalk is our main fundraiser that allows us to provide low-cost or free art programs for the youth and community of Elysian Valley. Please join us online to view local art or tune in to watch our scheduled live-stream.

To contribute, you can show your art, sponsor the artwalk, or donate.

  • Watercolor Basics
    Fri, May 21
    via Zoom
    This class will focus on some simple watercolor techniques and will teach students a little about the broad spectrum of ways watercolor can be used. Using California wildflowers as reference material, students will explore different methods for capturing natural subject matter.
  • Introduction to Block Printing
    Sat, Jun 05
    via Zoom
    Through demonstration, this class will teach students beginning techniques for relief printmaking. We will go over tools needed and how to use them, transferring a drawing to a block, creating line and texture, and how to successfully pull a print at home.
  • Introduction to Scientific Illustration - Measuring a Specimen and Creating a Graphite Drawing
    Sat, Jun 19
    via Zoom
    This class will provide an introduction to this expansive field by teaching students simple ways to measure specimens and begin creating realistic drawings. It will also focus on the basics of rendering in graphite, the importance of value and contrast, and some standard drawing techniques.


The Elysian Valley Arts Collective (E.V.A.C.), a Frogtown based arts 501(c)3 non-profit, is dedicated to preserving and promoting an inclusive community along the Los Angeles River consisting of artisans, businesses, community organizations and local residents, in order to cultivate a sense of place, a vibrant local economy and arts education for youth.

Filmmaking (Ages 7-18)

Sounds of my Elysian Valley

Students from the EV neighborhood are paired up with film-makers, photographers and radio hosts to create photos and videos documenting their neighborhood and school.

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