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Juried Art Show Flyer with a sample call for artists from 2021.


From time to time, the EVAC sponsors a juried art show. In response to COVID-19, we have gone digital with our art show as an online exhibition.

The EVAC is pleased to announce the winners of our Spring Juried Art Show 2021. Please see below for winners and participants. The art show offered both an adult and an Emerging artist category (18 & younger).

Juried Art Show

​For our Spring Juried Art Show 2021, we asked artists to reflect upon the theme of "Home." See below to see all the artist's responses.



What's your idea of home? Is it a safe place? Is it a feeling?


How has "shelter in place" affected your views of home? The word took on a greater significance during 2020 as families hunkered down and adjusted to tighter living spaces. Some have enjoyed the gift of time at home, while for others, it has been hectic and chaotic.

Looking at the broader perspective, some may see home as a place where they grew up, or where they live now, while for others, it is a distant memory or association. Some see it as a happy place, and others find it fraught with memories of difficult family dynamics What senses or memories remind you of home - old recipes, keepsakes, your favorite song? 


Define "home" with or without the pandemic's influence. We look forward to receiving a variety of perspectives on this theme.

2021 Jury:
Mark Steven Greenfield
Sigrid Burton
David Dedlow

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