Self Portrait by Chris

"This has been a long month (actually 6+ weeks) staying at home. I thought I was wasting time, but looking at my accomplishments, maybe not. My husband Raul and I got the garden box in shape and got our pallets painted for the pallet garden. I worked on potential Elysian Valley Art Collective classes (the kantha jacket, and multi-level embroidery classes to include the turtle rice bag.) Heeding the call of family and friends, I made over 30 masks and gave them away. When asked for more, I donated over 10 yards of fabric to another seamstress since my hands were not up to the task. Somewhere I got inspired to turn perfectly good fabric into 1 ½” strips for a quilt to be."

Chris Rodriguez is a long-time Frogtown resident, a member of the Elysian Valley Arts Collective and participant of the Frogtown Artwalk.