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Robin Fogelman

I am 57 years old and have been making art my whole life. I am finally brave enough to show my work to more than just my family and good friends.

I work mainly in the medium of collage. I’m fascinated by the “melting pot” of colors and textures that collage allows. I love the unrefined quality of layered, torn paper stuck together with glue, the gloppiness of oil pastels and the endless possibilities of paint. I have an intimate relationship with all my work. When I’m creating a piece, I become attached. I bring it around the house with me like it’s a small child I must keep close to understand what it needs. Each piece is an experiment and a burst of energy that can’t be contained, a moment captured in time, where the random and routine coexist.


The Frogtown Artwalk is a biennial self-guided tour of artists and makers studios and curated exhibits in local businesses in Elysian Valley. Learn more about past Artwalk's here.

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