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Sponsor "The Sounds of Elysian Valley" Project
Inspired by the National Public Radio series "Sounds of Your City", in which the NPR audience was asked to send in audio files and photos "from the heart of their city", The Sounds of Elysian Valley is an Elysian Valley Arts Collective project in conjunction with the Elysian Valley United: a community-based non-profit organization that provides a variety of education, arts and wellness programs to neighborhood youth, parents and families. The neighborhood of Elysian Valley occupies a small strip of land along the Los Angeles River and, although largely residential, it includes a commercial manufacturing district in close proximity to the residential buildings. The industrial buildings are being rapidly transformed into creative office space and restaurants as manufacturing uses move out of the area. Our project, "Sounds of Elysian Valley" seeks to document the manufacturing history of the neighborhood through an exploration of a variety of journalistic story-telling methods, including Sound, Photography and Film. 


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