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The 2022 Frogtown Artwalk strives to be a car-free, bike-friendly, low-impact festival. The Artwalk stretches from Fletcher Dr. to the Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge to the south.

See below for information on how to take mass transit and/or ride your bike to the Artwalk. We also have information on where to find accessible parking stalls and bathrooms and where the accessible access points to the river path are located.

Please respect our Elysian Valley residential neighborhood, and park on Riverside Drive, or take one of these alternate transportation options.


If you prefer to visit by car, we strongly recommend that you travel to the Frogtown Artwalk area using a ride-share company. We have designated rideshare drop-off and pick up locations on the periphery of the neighborhood to reduce traffic inside Elysian Valley. You will be able to easily walk from these locations to the artwalk venues. Please direct your rideshare vehicle to any of the following locations:

NORTH: 2498 Crystal St LA 90031

CENTRAL: 1944 Riverside Dr, LA 90039


SOUTHEAST: 1767 Blake Ave LA 90031

EAST: 17 Via Molina, LA 90065 (Cypress Park Side - walk down maintenance road to cross over Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge)

Rideshare tip: park your car in either Elysian Park or Griffith Park, and take a ride-share from there!


Elysian Valley/Frogtown is served by the Metro 96 Bus line and the Metro Gold Line:

BUS: Metro 96 to Riverside/Newell,

          Stop ID: 18104 or 18089

METRO: Gold Line to Lincoln/Cypress Stop

                387 W. Ave 26, Los Angeles 90031

Metro tip: take your bike on the Metro and ride to the Artwalk from the stop!


Elysian Valley/Frogtown is easily accessed via the shared LA River Bicycle/Pedestrian Path. NOTE: for the first time, Frogtown is also accessible from the Cypress Park side of the river via the new Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge.

Bike Valet services provided by the LA County Bicycle Coalition. Park your bike securely at the end of Gilroy Street (where it meets the river path) while you enjoy all that the Frogtown Artwalk has to offer.


Bike tip: alternately, park and lock your bikes at Lewis MacAdams Riverfront Park (but be aware that the park closes at sundown)!

Bike to the artwalk
Mass Transit


Most of the venues can be accessed via the shared LA River Bicycle/Pedestrian Path.


To help you navigate the 1.5 mile long route through the artwalk, Awesome Pedicab will be back with their, well, awesome (AND FREE), pedicabs to ferry visitors along the river path from Fletcher to the new Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge and back.


A few accessible parking stalls are available on a first come, first served basis at the Lewis MacAdams Riverfront Park (but please note, this park closes at sundown).

The river path can be accessed comfortably from this park, and from the Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge. Other access points are available at the end of Newell St, from Fletcher Dr, and through Spoke Bicycle Cafe at the end of Coolidge St.

Accessible bathrooms are located at Lewis MacAdams Riverfront Park, and at Venue #27 (1839 Blake Ave) and Venue #28 (Klub Gymnastics at 1683 Blake Ave).

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Photo: Gary Leonard


Full event map, with the locations of art, music, food & beverages & community activities below!


Click here to view Venue List!

Virtual Frogtown
Artwalk Highlight




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