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Discover the work of local artists inside Frogtown, Los Angeles and beyond! Learn more about each artists unique story and work below

Rosalind Woods

Email the Artist directly to purchase any of the work you see here.

As a native of Key West, Florida, Rosalind was able to see far beyond the shores of Key West into other worlds that she had only read about and bring them to life through her expressions of art. Coming of age in the 1960’s, Rosalind’s parents encouraged her to pursue a safer career choice, so she became a teacher. She shared principles of art and design with her first graders during the 25 years that she taught in LAUSD. During the summer months, she studied to become a realtor and went on to run a successful real estate business for more than 15 years.
Her pieces reflect the beauty and complexities of life through her eyes as an African American woman, who even now at 74 years of age, continues to create artistic works that speak to the heart, mind and soul.

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