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People of varying ages using Hula Hoops in the street during a Frogtown Artwalk



Run by the Elysian Valley Art Collective, the Frogtown Artwalk is a biennial free tour of the studios of the artists and artisans of Elysian Valley (Frogtown).


Every two years, Frogtown welcomes art lovers of all ages to enjoy pop-up galleries, artists' studios, musical performances and art installations along the Los Angeles River. The next Frogtown Artwalk is scheduled for 9/21/24.


The Frogtown Artwalk was created in 2006 by a small group of local business owners/artists as a way to introduce neighbors to the local artists and craftspeople operating in their midst, and to introduce the artists to each other.  The artwalk organizers reached out to everyone in the area, inviting participation at every level.  The first event included 10 venues exhibiting art by 19 artists, and welcomed approximately 300 visitors to the area. Traditional artists opened up their studios, craftsmen gave tours of their work, equipment and processes, and local musicians, dancers, and drummers created impromptu performances. 


Fast forward to 2018, the 11th Frogtown Artwalk welcomed over 6000 visitors to the area and featured more than 50 artists, 15 bands, spoken word events, belly dancers and an Aztec dance troupe.

2020 looked different, as the artwalk went virtual, but we were thrilled to welcome over 1,200 people from around the world who joined us for live streams, workshops, and more. The artwalk, celebrating its 13th anniversary in 2022, has always been a very inclusive event – everyone is welcome to join in.

"As a Frogtown native, it's incredibly inspiring to see an event that not only celebrates the arts, but is also geared towards the local community. Faced with the complex nuances of arts as a form of both gentrification and displacement, the work of EVAC is meaningful, thoughtful, and inclusive."

Board Member and Resident, Helen Leung in 2019


Catch a recap of the virtual events here.

In 2022, we returned to an "in-person" event, offering popup art exhibits in over 30 venues, with more than 70 artists plus music and dance. Look for the next Artwalk on September 21, 2024.


Frogtown Artwalk is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Experience the Frogtown Artwalk

Experience the Frogtown Artwalk



"The Frogtown Artwalk has been a welcome addition to the existing area fabric, which is uniquely diverse.  In has been a joy to see the EV community take ownership and participate openly in all forms of artistic expression.  In my capacity as head of the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch and in collaboration with the EVAC, a local street tagger was moved to put his work to canvas, given “Space” alongside the NW table (an action remarkable in itself) resulting in all art work sold.  Since, “Space” has gone on to show in multiple galleries and been commissioned for individual work.  I have one of his pieces adorning my office, another my vacation home and know of one in the very office of our LAPD Captain.  It is no stretch to say that the Frogtown Artwalk has favorably impacted lives in Elysian Valley."

Community Member, David Delatorre in 2019

"The Frogtown Artwalk is an example of neighborhood-driven and organic economic development...Elysian Valley's Artwalk is a leading example of what smaller scale economic development and arts initiatives can exemplify." Writer, George Villanueva in 2013

"The Frogtown Artwalk feels like a block party or street fair, something small and local...Except for NOMAD Gallery, and in-your-face screen printing studio...and reMADE Studios, which showed gently evocative wood and steel furniture from local designers, all the galleries were local businesses that had transformed for the night."

LA Weekly, Sam Bloch in 2013

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