"I was given an opportunity to participate in an EVAC program involving at risk youth.  I opened my shop to them for the purpose of documenting a local story of the working arts community & local business.  What I witnessed was a variety of positive changes in the students in the time they worked at what they were learning that day.  Different aspects of the project were divided up among the students strengths and weaknesses alike.  They teamed up and worked together.   The orchestration by the instructors was to be admired.  Especially, in the directing aspects of the student's duties toward the end product.


I personally feel programs like these give young folks, who may feel somewhat lost, a real life alternative and create a learning experience with a challenge that can provide very positive effect.  EVAC's very positive contributions to the community at large is a valuable asset to not only the Elysian Valley, but the city of Los Angeles as a whole."

Pat Bylard, Pat's Woodworks Owner, 2019