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Sounds of my Elysian Valley

In Partnership with

Dorris Place Elementary


Fall 2020, Spring 2021

Filmmaking (Ages 7-18)


Inspired by the National Public Radio series “Sound of Your City”, in which the NPR audience was asked to send in audio files and photos “from the heart of their city”, the EVAC runs a program in collaboration with Dorris Place Elementary and with Elysian Valley United and their Central High School branch in Elysian Valley entitled “Sounds of my Elysian Valley”.

Students from the EV neighborhood are paired up with film-makers, photographers and radio hosts to create photos and videos documenting their neighborhood and school.  As part of the program, students also interview and photograph business owners and craftspeople in the area. Students learn photographic techniques and techniques for processing and edit their images.

In 2018, the photo documentation from the project, along with a short video, was exhibited as part of the Frogtown Artwalk.

With a grant awarded by the California Arts Council the EVAC run two series of classes in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 in partnership with Dorris Place Elementary.



Central High School (2018) & Dorris Place Elementary (2017/2018)

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