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L.A. River Love


How much do you love the L.A. River? Show us your love in this week's Art Challenge: L.A. River Love. The river is near to us and dear to our hearts, as the Frogtown Artwalk is held along the river in Glendale Narrows. In 2018, we illuminated the bike path with colorful globes for the artwalk, so this week, we're asking you to illuminate the river. 

Tell us your favorite memory of the river, draw or paint a picture, take a photo, write a poem...or discover the river for the first time 

and document your findings. 

Post your creations to your newsfeed, use our hashtags #Frogtown2020 & #ArtUnitesFrogtown and we'll post our faves to our 

online gallery and social media. 


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