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Creative Writing


For this week's Art Challenge we turn to Creative Writing. We know there a lot of writers in our community and we'd love to see your thoughts during the Covid-19 Quarantine. 

Write a story, poem or even a Haiku documenting your time during the stay at home order. If you have been considering doing a photo essay, now would be a great time. 

In case it has been a while since you wrote a Haiku, we're enclosing a quick "how to" refresher. Feel free to snap a photo to accompany your written piece. 

Ready to get creative? Share your work on your social media newsfeed and use the hashtags #Frogtown2020 & #ArtUnitesFrogtown or submit here.

We'll post our favorites on Frogtown Artwalk social media and In our Frogtown 2020 virtual art gallery. Remember to follow us for updates on challenges and more. 




#Frogtown2020 is a working collective archive of experiences and narratives as experienced by residents and artists of, as well as business owners and employees in, Elysian Valley, expressed through the arts. 


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