Elysian Valley Arts Collective

Catalyzing Community Through the Arts
Preserving and promoting an inclusive community along the Los Angeles River for creative production by artists, designers and artisans; in order to cultivate a sense of place, a vibrant local economy and arts education for youth.   
Inspired by the National Public Radio series "Sounds of Your City", in which the NPR audience was asked to send in audio files and photos "from the heart of their city", The Sounds of Elysian Valley is an Elysian Valley Arts Collective project in conjunction with the Elysian Valley United: a community-based non-profit organization that provides a variety of education, arts and wellness programs to neighborhood youth, parents and families. Donate today!
Elysian Valley Arts Collective Bylaws 

President: Tracy Stone
Vice President: Patricia Perez
Treasurer: Allen Anderson
Secretary: Edwina Dedlow

Board of Directors:
David Dedlow
Helen Leung
Damian Robledo
Mia Doi Todd


Elysian Valley Arts Collective organizes the Frogtown Artwalk.

Click Here To Find Out About the Frogtown Artwalk! 

Become a Member:

Basic: $30
(For community supporters, no “artist” benefits attached)

Artist/Artisan: $40
(Any individual actively engaged in producing art, whether an Elysian Valley resident or not)

Patron: $100
(Any individual interested in fostering the objectives of the Elysian Valley Arts Collective)

Business/Private Sponsor: $250 minimum
(Any business or organization interested in fostering the objectives of the Elysian Valley Arts Collective)

CLICK HERE to buy tickets to or become a sponsor of the Michael Todd Frogtown Artwalk Fundraising Event


Watch “Mapping Frogtown: Stories from Elysian Valley [FULL]” on Vimeo


Frogtown Art Classes Spring 2018

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This organization is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission: